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What is UroFem

UroFem is a clinically researched 1000mg D-Mannose tablets. It is a natural, non-antibiotic product to maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract.


UroFem is currently sold in the USA, Europe, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

UroFem tablets contain D-Mannose, a naturally occurring carbohydrate that helps the body to naturally remove harmful bacteria.


D-Mannose attaches to bacteria better than bacteria attaches to human cells in the bladder & urinary tract. When taken, almost all of D-Mannose is deposited in the bladder, literally coating any bacteria present so they can no longer attach to the inside walls of the bladder and urinary tract.


The potentially harmful bacteria is then rinsed away with normal urination. 

Simplification of how UroFem D-mannose may work

UroFem D-Mannose is clinically researched to maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract 

D-Mannose (2g/day) is as effective as taking the antibiotic nitrofurantoin (50mg/day) in maintaining a healthy bladder and urinary tract. 308 women were enrolled in the study, they had previously experienced multiple urinary tract infections.  [1]

D-mannose studies show good effect

D-Mannose (2-3g/day) has also been clinically researched compared to the antibiotics trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (160/800mg, once/ twice daily) [2].

The D-mannose group had a much longer time (> 150 days) with a healthy bladder and urinary tract than the women taking the antibiotics.

The women in the study who were taking D-Mannose reported higher Quality of Life scores across the majority of bladder related issues.


D mannose was used to soothe initial symptoms and then intermittently for maintenance. [3]

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