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What is UroFem

A visua representation of how UroFem D-mannose may b effectve

UroFem tablets contain D-Mannose, a naturally occurring carbohydrate that helps the body naturally remove harmful bacteria.


D-Mannose attaches to bacteria better than bacteria attaches to human cells in the bladder & urinary tract.


Learn how UroFem works

Why UroFem?



UroFem helps maintain a healthy urinary tract by supporting an environment where harmful bacteria are more easily removed. UroFem does not disrupt the natural, healthy bacterial balance


D-mannose is non-antibiotic leading to many benefits such as no promoted bacterial resistance and avoiding potential antibiotic side effects



UroFem is a pure D-mannose tablet for exact dosing equal to that used in clinical research. Research demonstrates that UroFem is highly effective for bladder and urinary tract health. 

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