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What is D-Mannose

Certain bacteria such as E. coli are common to the intestinal flora. However, when they are present in the lower urinary tract, E.coli and other bacteria can lead to a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Common UTI-causing bacteria have tiny finger-like projections that are able to strongly bond the E. coli into the wall of the bladder and of the entire urinary tract. This bond stops the bacteria from being naturally removed during urination.

When D-Mannose is present in the bladder, it surrounds the E.coli stopping them from being able to bind to human cells, and therefore the bladder wall. As the E.coli is no longer bonded to the bladder wall it can be flushed out of the bladder during urination.


Prophylactic: 2 tablets of UroFem daily are recommended for prophylactic use.



Acute: 3 tablets of UroFem daily are recommended when experiencing bladder and urinary tract symptoms.



Recommended directions: Take a single tablet, twice or three times a day.

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